Sinolytics is a Berlin-based specialized consultancy entirely focused on China.

Sinolytics provides in-depth research, expert analysis and strategic advice to international firms, investors and the public sector to enable well-informed China strategy development and decision-making. Sinolytics puts a special focus on the opportunities and challenges arising from China’s rapid technological and digital transformation. Our clients include some of the most prominent German and European corporations, including a number of DAX30 companies, as well as large U.S. firms.

Our team consists of leading experts on China’s new technology advances and digital disruption, on tech start-up scouting and venture capital strategy, as well as on China’s industrial and technology policies. Sinolytics analysts are highly specialized China experts who have studied and worked in China, have excellent contextual knowledge and language skills, expertly analyze Chinese-language sources, and have large professional networks in China.

Through previous work experience with one of the internationally most recognized think tanks on contemporary China, the Sinolytics team members have gained international recognition in the field of China’s technological and digital transformation, technology investments and China’s industrial policy. Several of their analyses became international benchmark studies with far-reaching influence in business and politics.

Sinolytics analysis is based on:
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of a large amount of Chinese-language sources
  • Expert skills in compiling and analyzing Chinese data on market developments and digital trends
  • Strong networks in China’s technology, digital and start-up ecosystems
  • Comprehensive contextual knowledge on political, economic and technological trends in China
Sinolytics provides:

  • In-depth analysis and expert advice on how to prepare for the risks and maximize the benefits from China’s unprecedented technological transformation and rapid digitization. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, from autonomous driving to 5G, Sinolytics provides guidance through the labyrinth of China’s powerful technological advancement.
  • Strategic responses to the challenges of China’s intensifying industrial and technology policies. Sinolytics puts a specific focus on new forms of IT-backed and big data enabled market regulation like the Social Credit System, which creates significant compliance challenges while simultaneously raising strategic questions.
  • Deep market intelligence on new trends and future developments across sectors with a particularly strong track-record in automotive, mechanical engineering, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Highly specialized Venture Capital scouting and corporate investment strategies, especially focusing on Chinese tech start-ups across sectors and technologies. In cooperation with a strategic partner, Sinolytics offers a holistic analysis of China’s technology ecosystem leading to the identification and in-depth assessment of concrete investment targets.
  • Tailor-made approaches for companies to respond to the forceful internationalization of Chinese enterprises which rapidly enter the global stage as major investors and powerful competitors, but also as potential partners.
Sinolytics Core team
Björn Conrad, CEO and co-founder of Sinolytics, has almost two decades of China experience. He is an internationally recognized expert on China’s digital and technological transformation. Before starting Sinolytics, he was the Vice President of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS). Before, he worked as China Specialist at the World Bank in Washington D.C. and UN FAO in Rome, designing and managing project in almost all provinces of the PRC. Earlier, he gained consulting experience with the Boston Consulting Group. He holds a degree in Sinology, Economics and Politics from Trier and Peking University as well as a Masters degree from Harvard University.
Mirjam Meissner, Project Leader, is an expert on technology policy and digital disruption in China, especially the rapid technological transformation in China’s mobility, chemicals and health care sectors. She also is a leading specialist on China‘s big data driven market regulation, the social credit system. Prior to Sinolytics she co-headed the technology and economics program at MERICS. She studied Sinology, Economics and Politics in Berlin as well as Wuhan University in China.
Jost Wübbeke, Project Leader, is a sought-after advisor on China‘s advancement in smart manufacturing and a leading expert on the Chinese government‘s Made in China 2025 strategy. He is a specialist on technology-oriented VC investment strategies in China. Before joining Sinolytics, he co-headed the economics and technology program at MERICS. He studied Chinese and International Relations in Bochum and at Tsinghua University in Beijing.
Luisa Kinzius, Analyst, is a specialist on the current trends in China‘s FinTech industry as well as on emerging blockchain-based business models. She also observes opportunities and challenges arising from the increasingly global activities of Chinese tech companies. She previously worked as a researcher at the Rhodium Group, NYC. She studied Chinese and International Economics in Mannheim, Munich and Nanjing.
Jaqueline Ives, Analyst, is an expert on China’s innovation policy and its vibrant start-up scene. Further she monitors policies, technology and business development regarding Artificial Intelligence in China. Prior to Sinolytics, she worked as a research analyst at MERICS. She studied Chinese Studies at Bonn and Jiao Tong University in Shanghai as well as Chinese Business and Economics at University Würzburg.
Tiffany Wong, Analyst, specializes in China’s cyber security issues and cyber-governance regime, including data flows and security as well as data protection mechanisms. She also continuously observes policy developments regarding China’s social credit system. She holds an M.A from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in International Economics and China Studies, and a B.A. from the University of Chicago in Political Science.
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