Sinolytics Investment Scouting

M&A, Joint Ventures and Venture Capital can be a powerful way to anchor your business in the Chinese market, a shortcut to localization and enhanced market reach, and a way to benefit from China’s vibrant technology ecosystem. But only if you pick the right partner or investment target.

Sinolytics' M&A and investment experts provide our clients with the information and analysis to identify the right Chinese investment to achieve their investment objectives. Most conventional VC and M&A target scouting approaches fall short when it comes to China. In common databases, information on Chinese companies is often a black hole. Sinolytics’ tailored approach to target selection, building on a broad spectrum of China-specific information sources, brings light into your China M&A and investment plans.

Sinolytics Investment Scouting entails

Regulatory baselining

Input on current policy, legal and regulatory requirements for foreign investments in China, success/fail cases

Target alignment

In alignment with the client, Sinolytics identifies selection criteria based on primary investment objectives


Long-list of target companies based specialized, China-specific sources combined with Sinolytics' market expertise

Shortlisting & corporate profiles

Scoring and ranking of long-list candidates to create short-list for more in-depth analysis

In-depth analysis of top candidates

Validation of initial assessment and additional data relevant to the investment objectives (e.g. licensing, R&D, manufacturing capacity, sales network, etc)

Financial Due Diligence

Detailed assessment of target's financials

Regulatory Due Diligence

Review of target companies’ regulatory situation (e.g. access to licenses, market access restrictions etc)

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