Sinolytics Regulatory Compliance

China has a unique approach to market governance, creating China-specific compliance risks for European companies. Sinolytics guides companies in understanding and preparing for the strategic and operational challenges, especially regarding China's Corporate Social Credit System and China's rapidly expanding Cybersecurity and Data Governance Regime.

Sinolytics helps clients to assess how well they are prepared to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Sinolytics experts identify and support implementation of required adjustments to ensure long-term compliance, avoiding costly sanctions. Sinolytics offers long-term management support, keeps your management systems up-to-date with requirement updates, and provides strategic advice in acute risk cases.

Sinolytics Regulatory Compliance entails

Requirement Reports

Targeted analysis of your compliance challenges and bilingual handbook with detailed requirements for you to work with

Gap Analysis/Risk assessment

Systematic comparison of government requirements against operations in your company to identify risk factors

Support for self-assessment filings

E.g. preparation of MLPS 2.0 or cross-border data transfer self-assessments

Design SOPs and Compliance Management Tools

SOPs for compliance risk detection, managing data flows, CSCS Rating Results dashboards, etc.

IT Strategy

Supporting you to optimize your China IT strategy considering the impacts of China’s cybersecurity and data framework

Ad hoc risk mitigation support

Strategic advice and analysis of acute risk cases (e.g. mitigation measures in case of acute blacklisting risk)

Regulatory Monitoring

Continuous reporting on regulatory developments and their impacts

Briefing & Trainings

Strategic briefings on intention, design and status of the CSCS/Cyber Regime

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