9. März 2021

New Infrastructure

New infrastructure will serve as the foundation for China’s next phase of technological development, meant to enable a fourth industrial revolution.
4. Mai 2022

Fuel Cell

China’s hydrogen and fuel cell sector is poised to grow exponentially. The NDRC just issued a fifteen-year development plan for the sector. It expects real commercialization of fuel cell vehicles and energy storage by 2030 with rapid market growth in heavy-duty applications. Sinolytics forecasts a fuel cell market size of 45 billion RMB by 2035.
27. September 2023


China’s regulatory framework for cybersecurity and data is evolving quickly. To catch up on those developments and to provide guidance and recommendations for European businesses, Sinolytics and VDMA jointly released a “Cyber Security Use Cases in China” report. The 2nd edition of the report was published in September 2023 to guide through the most recent changes and adjustments of China’s cybersecurity regulations. The report is available to VDMA members via the VDMA website. For additional information, also see our Cybersecurity Primer.

25. Oktober 2023


Diversification is a hot topic in many boardrooms as geopolitical tensions rise. In particular, Asia beyond China is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for manufacturing and sourcing.

We studied the adaptation strategies of more than 80 companies in 12 industries.

Sinolytics suggests that companies first identify geopolitical risks before embarking on an adaptation strategy. Remaining successful requires highly tailored, company-specific response strategies that allow for product-level differentiation.

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