Sinolytics Executive Briefings

Securing a strategic position in China’s market is increasingly challenging for international companies: geopolitical tensions and decoupling, China’s drive towards self-sufficiency, “dual circulation” and “common prosperity”. Under new conditions, old recipes for business success do not work anymore. Executives need to adjust their thinking on positioning their company in China’s changing business and policy environment.

Based on deep China knowledge, Sinolytics helps you to pinpoint the political, technological, social and market trends that profoundly impact your China business. Building on experience with clients across industries, Sinolytics supports you to derive the correct implications from these trends and to evaluate the strategic options available to your company. Ultimately, Sinolytics’ Strategy Building provides you with a tried and tested decision-making framework to make the best strategic choices.

Sinolytics Executive Briefings entails

Scenario Workshops

Designed to explore the implication of different possible futures in China’s development, ranging from domestic politics scenarios to geopolitical futures, for example through “Crisis Gaming” (role-play workshops)

Mindset-change Workshops

Designed to challenge predominant patterns of interpretation and judgement regarding China, providing surprising and new insights on China, for example on China’s technological transformation and innovation capabilities

Context Workshops

Designed to contextualize current issues within the bigger picture of China’s development, for example “common prosperity” in the context of the CCP’s 2nd centennial goal

Sector Workshops

Designed to deep-dive into specific industry sectors, illustrating emergence, status quo and future trajectories, for example in China’s health, transportation, energy sector, etc.

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Our clients often combine the Sinolytics Executive Briefings with other services. Download a brief summary of all strategy-focused services here:

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