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9. März 2021
China Poli
2. August 2021

Sustainability and “green development” under China’s 14th FYP

As the largest CO2 emitter globally, China has announced its ambition in reaching its carbon emission peak by 2030 (the concrete roadmap is currently being drafted) and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. To realize these two targets, China implements stricter environmental regulations with more effective enforcement in the 14th Five Year Plan. Further, the government adopts more market-based instruments such as the national emission trading system (ETS) to help guide market entities towards decarbonization starting with the power sector and about 2000 relevant entities. Extensive policies are issued to support the development of renewable energy, new energy vehicles and green finance. Multinational companies have more options now to achieve their sustainability targets while capturing growth opportunities in China’s “green sectors”.

Download our primer here: Sustainability