Sinolytics is a European research-based consultancy entirely focused on China operating at the nexus of policy and business.

" We distill the essence of Chinese policies and regulation for our clients." Managing Partner Mirjam Meissner Our Team " Politically uncertain times need a new approach to corporate strategy and compliance in China." Managing Partner Dr. Jost Wübbeke Our Team " I love navigating our clients through China's policy-driven economy." Director Luisa Kinzius Our Team " We provide answers to concrete operational or strategic questions of MNCs creating unique value-add for our customers’ China operations." Senior Consultant Martin Catarata Our Team " We help our clients master the challenges of the demanding regulatory environment in China. " Consultant Mirko Zumholz Our Team " I love helping our clients achieve their goals in China." Senior Consultant Mengying Tao Our Team " The Sinolytics Team thrives on complexity – which is exactly what our clients need in today’s challenging China. " CEO Bjoern Conrad Our Team

Sinolytics helps clients to successfully navigate in China’s policy-driven economy, providing strategic and management advice based on in-depth policy research, expert analysis and trend forecasting.

We support international companies and investors in China to make well-informed decisions ranging from hands-on acute issues to long-term strategic positioning. Sinolytics specializes where China is most challenging: at the nexus between policy and business. In our business consulting, we match deep know-how on China’s economic, financial, industrial and technology policies, and regulatory compliance with business expertise and market intelligence across sectors.

The Sinolytics team of China experts located in Beijing and Berlin brings together perspectives from Europe and China. Day-by-day, we monitor and analyze the trends in China’s policy and business environment in the context of profound geopolitical shifts. We use in-depth research as basis for practical problem-solving, providing clients with concrete solutions for their challenges.

Established in 2018, Sinolytics has already helped more than 60 clients to better understand and successfully operate in China. Among our clients are MNCs, SMEs and investors from across all corporate sectors including several of the largest and most respected international companies.

Sinolytics Highlights

China going global – Understanding your Chinese competitors outside China

China’s long-standing “going global” strategy is entering a new phase: Driven by low domestic demand, overcapacities, political ambitions and increased competitiveness, Chinese companies are forcefully expanding abroad, creating a new competitive situation for European business in third markets.

Chinese companies have learned from past mistakes. They have closed the technology and quality gaps, upped their sales and marketing game and became adept at localizing their image and products. Combined with political and financial support, this turns Chinese companies into formidable competitors outside China.

Competition from China structurally differs from “traditional” competition: European companies need to understand the different business logic, capabilities and intentions of their Chinese competitors.

Sinolytics’ in-depth competitor analysis equips you with the knowledge and insights you need to develop smart response strategies in a changing competitive landscape.

To learn more about how Sinolytics can help you, please read our primer on “Chinese competition outside China”.

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Cybersecurity and Data Governance Primer

From 2021 to 2023, China has experienced significant developments in its cybersecurity and data governance regulations, marked by increased law enforcement efforts. These changes reflect China's prioritization of cybersecurity and data security as integral components of national security, interweaving regulatory aspects with growing geopolitical tensions.

The introduction of new Cross-Border Data Transfer rules and amendments to the Counter-Espionage Law have raised growing apprehension among foreign companies that rely heavily on global data exchange. As a result, foreign companies are actively realigning their global IT strategies to mitigate potential risks associated with China's evolving cybersecurity regulations and geopolitical tensions.

Sinolytics’ Cybersecurity Primer offers you an initial summary of related regulatory and geopolitical risk factors. Please reach out if you want to learn more on designing and implementing a roadmap towards a compliant and resilient China IT set-up.

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China’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry

China’s hydrogen and fuel cell sector is poised to grow exponentially. The NDRC just issued a fifteen-year development plan for the sector. It expects real commercialization of fuel cell vehicles and energy storage by 2030 with rapid market growth in heavy-duty applications. Sinolytics forecasts a fuel cell market size of 45 billion RMB by 2035. International companies increasingly consider entering this market. Sinolytics offers in-depth market, policy and regulatory analysis to European companies for their competitive stance in the newly emerging ecosystem.

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New Cybersecurity policy development – Implementation of China’s Cyber Security Law is accelerating
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Industrial Policy

Operating at the nexus of business and policy, we are advising companies from almost all business and industry sectors
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Regulatory Compliance

Understanding the regulatory challenges of the system and get to know how to navigate and prepare in an effective way
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Comprehensive analysis and expert assessments of status quo and future developments
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