Sinolytics Strategy Building

Securing a strategic position in China’s market is increasingly challenging for international companies: geopolitical tensions and decoupling, China’s drive towards self-sufficiency, “dual circulation” and “common prosperity”. Under new conditions, old recipes for business success do not work anymore. Executives need to adjust their thinking on positioning their company in China’s changing business and policy environment.

Based on deep China knowledge, Sinolytics helps you to pinpoint the political, technological, social and market trends that profoundly impact your China business. Building on experience with clients across industries, Sinolytics supports you to derive the correct implications from these trends and to evaluate the strategic options available to your company. Ultimately, Sinolytics’ Strategy Building provides you with a tried and tested decision-making framework to make the best strategic choices.

Sinolytics Strategy Building

Trend research and analysis

In-depth, tailor-made analysis of the crucial developments that shape your business environment in China

Impact assessment

Interactive process of Sinolytics-led workshops and interviews, utilizing tested conceptual frameworks (e.g. SWOT) to determine the impacts of trends on the client

Company benchmarking

Opening the landscape of available strategic options by systematic comparison with other companies’ approaches

Option evaluation

Sinolytics expert analysis and judgement on strategic options tailored to your specific business situation in China

Scenario development

Stress-testing of strategic options through scenario planning exercises, e.g. role-play workshops (“Crisis Gaming”)


Sinolytics’ framework for weighing strategic options along the value chain, arriving at coherent sets of actions

Implementation roadmap

Definition of workstreams, corresponding goals and outcomes, roles and responsibilities

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Our clients often combine the Sinolytics Strategy Building Radar with our Policy Assessment services. Download a brief summary of all strategy-focused services here:

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