Sinolytics Supply Chain Service

Geopolitics and political developments increasingly disrupt supply chains. While some companies started to adjust their tier-1 supply chains in light of new geopolitical realities, tier-X dependencies often still remain opaque. But to really increase resilience, companies need to understand their entire supplier dependencies and systematically assess the risks of geopolitical scenarios on their supply chains.

Sinolytics supports clients to x-ray your entire supply chain, pinpointing your China dependencies. Our analysis deploys our proprietary Sinolytics Supply Chain Database that maps supplier relations down to tier-8 level. Our experts closely look into complex supply networks, such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, electronics, energy, photovoltaics, motors, batteries, and many others. As well as supply chains of raw materials like lithium, cobalt, rare earth elements, silicon, tungsten, magnesium and many other raw materials.

Combined with our geopolitical monitoring and analysis, we assess politically driven fallout risks for critical inputs. Based on our geopolitical stress tests, we advise on feasible resilience-building options. Jointly with our client counterparts at C-level, from procurement and strategy departments, Sinolytics develops a sophisticated and tailor-made toolbox for increasing supply chain resilience.

For details consult our primer on Supply Chain Expertise.

Sinolytics’ Supply Chain Risk Assessment entails

Definition of Critical Supplies

Focusing on supplies that are essential to your product but heavily rely on China in terms of volume and/or single source suppliers.

Mapping Tier X Supply Chains

Examining your China dependencies at a tier-X level of critical supplies. Using Sinolytics Supply Chain Database, not just for your Chinese suppliers, but also for non-Chinese suppliers.

Assessing Geopolitical Risks

Analyzing the fallout risks that you face at each element of the entire supply chain, including the impacts under various geopolitical scenarios.

Advising on Resilience

Developing measures to improve your geopolitical supply chain resilience. Our advice is based on a broad spectrum of experience with companies from various industries.

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