Geopolitics Advisory

Growing geopolitical competition between China and the US/EU makes business in China more complex. Companies need to integrate geopolitical considerations into their decision making.

Sinolytics offers a consistent and systematic framework for assessing geopolitical risks. Sinolytics dedicated team of experts tracks geopolitical developments systematically and derives client-specific implications. Clients use Sinolytics’ context briefings on current geopolitical risks, trend forecasting as well as Sinolytics’ scenarios to build strategies for resilience and risk mitigation.

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Geopolitical Advisory Service offers

Monitoring & forecasting

Sinolytics monthly or quarterly Geopolitical Impact Map provides an easily accessible overview of risks and opportunities resulting from geopolitical disruptions.

Geopolitical Scenario Building

Working with geopolitical scenarios of varying likelihood and forecasting trigger events, Sinolytics ensures clients readiness to respond.

Impact Assessments

In dedicated projects, Sinolytics breaks down big geopolitical trends, contextualizes geopolitical risks and assesses the very specific, detailed impact on your company.

Strategic and operational advice

Sinolytics provides actionable recommendations to mitigate risks and turn challenges into opportunities.

On-demand briefings

Client-tailored analysis of geopolitical challenges. Often used to prepare a board meeting, upcoming management decisions or challenge previous mindsets.

At a glance – our understanding of geopolitics and implications on businesses

Sinolytics’ approach: Decomposing geopolitics down to concrete risks faced by firms

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