Sinolytics Market Intelligence

China’s market continues to offer enormous opportunities. New challenges also create new chances: customers are not only price-driven anymore, but increasingly demand high quality, cutting-edge technology and fast product customization. Many European businesses have what it takes to persevere in this shifting competitive context. But to successfully go toe-to-toe with a new generation of local competitors, they need the match their competition’s deep market knowledge and tailored business models.

Sinolytics provides the expert market intelligence necessary to keep your edge in this competitive environment. Sinolytics experts give you the information you need for well-informed, fact-based business decisions. With our comparative experience across industry sectors, Sinolytics offers tailor-made market analysis especially for: machinery and mechanical engineering, automotive and automotive suppliers, chemical industry, pharma and medical devices, as well as the retail sector.

Sinolytics Market Intelligence

Market size analysis

Determination of current market size for highly specific product segments and for different demand industries; assessment of market size developments and mid- to long-term potential; growth drivers and potential growth disruptions

Competitor analysis

Landscaping full spectrum of current and potential competitors; deep-dive analysis on main competitors (products, pricing, customers, technology and IP, etc.)

Customer analysis

Assessment of current and potential customers regarding their market demand, main product needs and expectations, purchasing behavior and interaction channels, etc.

Technology analysis

Evaluation of technological trends and developments in specific markets; identification of innovation drivers, technology shifts, technology substitution, etc.

Pricing analysis

Analysis of pricing levels and trends, price differentiation, etc.

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