Sinolytics Policy Radar

Sinolytics Policy Radar

Policy and Stakeholder Landscaping

Mapping and assessment of relevant laws, regulations, policies and stakeholders for a specific industry and/or topic, helping our clients to quickly grasp the policy environment relevant to their business (e.g. Cyber governance, Automotive)

Policy Monitoring & Analysis Report

Regular report on most relevant policy changes with deep-dives on most relevant policies, impact judgement and implications for your business

Policy Briefings

Regular briefing for relevant functions in your company to share information, discuss implications and align on consequences

Alert functions

Sinolytics alerts for urgent policy developments, which require time-sensitive action, providing initial of potential implication to support your quick adjustment

Ad-hoc analysis on special topic

Sinolytics provides tailored analysis and research for your ad hoc needs (managing government requests; commenting on draft policies, etc.)

At a glance – our available service packages

*Selection of available sectors: Automotive, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering, Finance, Retail, Health, …selection of available topics: Cybersecurity, sustainability, social credit system…

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Our clients often combine the Sinolytics Policy Radar with our Strategy Building services. Download a brief summary of all services related to strategic positioning in China here:

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