Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) and its implications for companies active in China.
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9. März 2021
China implements stricter environmental regulations with more effective enforcement in the 14th Five Year Plan
4. Juli 2021
Under the umbrella of the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s government creates and operate global logistics networks.

Focus: Logistics

China pursues an ambitious plan to create and operate global logistics networks. Under the umbrella of the all-encompassing Belt and Road Initiative, China’s government is forcefully advancing a set of policy objectives: build national champions in the logistics sector able to compete on the global stage, support China’s e-Commerce giants in building logistics hubs and connectivity, and invest heavily in a high-tech upgrading of its logistics sector. All of it flanked by comprehensive commercial diplomacy. State companies such as COSCO and China Merchants are heavily invested in European ports including Piraeus. They increasingly focus also on local intermodal solutions. E-commerce giant Alibaba extends its warehouse network all over the continent. Rail connections between Asia and Europe have more and more throughput.

China’s international logistics ambitions already have great impact on European logistics companies, from European port and railway operators to freight forwarders and postal services. Sinolytics supports these companies in seeking partnerships where sensible and bracing for competition where necessary.

Download: Logistics Primer

To that end, Sinolytics provides
  • In-depth and contextualized analysis of Chinese government policies
  • Research on Chinese logistics companies’ strategies, business models, ownership structures/key personnel, investments and flagship projects
  • Co-development of business strategies to manage China-related factors affecting their business
  • Assessment of Chinese companies for project-specific cooperation and development of tailored negotiation strategies
  • Strategic due diligence, political assessments and target analysis for investment and M&A projects